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Resin bound or bonded aggregates are very attractive forms of surfacing and are becoming increasingly popular. This type of surfacing generally utilises clear, manufactured resins to bind aggregates of varrying size and shape to generate its vast variety of textures and colours. These surfaces have a very long lasting, stable appearance due to the fact that they are mainly relying on the aggregates natural pigmentation, which usually outperforms most man-made products. This also means that repairs tend to be less visible than on comparable asphalt or concrete surfaces.
Resin bonded systems are the perfect product to quickly improve the appearance of existing surfaces or to create high friction anti slip areas for foot paths, stairs or road junctions.
Resin bound systems are a great and decorative alternative to traditional surfaces like asphalt and concrete with the benefit of being SUDS compliant, allowing water to flow through them. This means that for their installation there usually is no requirement for plannning permission.

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